Mission, Vision and values

Our Approach

Through integrated solutions in climate-smart agriculture, health and nutrition and youth development, INMED empowers children to become agents of change in their families and communities.

Our Mission

INMED’s South Africa’s mission is to create pathways for disadvantaged children and families to achieve well-being and self-reliance.


Our Values

We are committed to quickly and effectively respond to the suffering of children.


We believe:


  • that the long-term opportunities for children’s success in life depend on the existence of strong families and healthy communities;
  • in taking a holistic, outcomes-based approach and on addressing the root causes of challenges rather than applying solutions focused on a single issue;
  • in creating a continuum of care through direct services and links to other resources in order to address cross-cutting health and social factors that influence each stage of life;
  • in the power of partnerships to respond to broad local needs, actively engage stakeholders in the process of positive change, leverage limited resources, and support long-term sustainability of projects that will transform the communities in which we work.