Seeds for Life

Help us facilitate 2,500 backyard gardens for families in need

Household gardener receiving seeds LEAD

The Challenge: 


Before Covid-19 hit South Africa, it was already plagued by poverty, hunger and the highest unemployment in history following the recent global economic crisis, steep food and fuel prices, severe climate events. With the coronavirus pandemic, more than 3 million additional people are now unemployed and struggling to feed their families.The need for local home food production is urgent.

A Solution:


Food security begins in the backyard. INMED South Africa’s Seeds for Life campaign will help 2,500 households establish and sustain backyard food gardens. Your donation will provide free seeds and training to families on the brink of starvation, with future assistance to ensure the gardens and families thrive.


Home and community gardens are a simple solution to improve access to nutritious food. Our team has nearly 2 decades of experience helping individuals, schools and communities implement adaptive agriculture projects to strengthen food security and build sustainable livelihoods in all types of environments. 


Families will receive free seeds packets to plant summer and winter gardens, along with a training session and tutorial materials.

Supporting this project is easy. Just CLICK HERE and select an amount.

R110 = Seed packets and training for 1 home garden


R330 = Seed packets and training for 3 home gardens


R825 = Seed packets and training for 8 home gardens


R1650 = Seed packets and training for 17 home gardens


R4150 = Seed packets and training for 42 home gardens


Potential Long-term Impacts


INMED South Africa’s Seeds for Life campaign can lead to  many potential long-term impacts, including: 

    1. Food security
    2. Improved physical and mental health
    3. A  reduction in preventable lifestyle diseases 
    4. Financial savings 
    5. A source of income 
    6. Self-reliance



Gardens are fun for all ages as this 100-year old magogo can attest

Backyard gardens can be a source of income

Gardens can be planted creatively to fit any space

Training includes lessons on composting and greywater capture to protect natural resources

Working in a garden and eating fresh, organic food have many health benefits

Organic produce is expensive! Backyard gardens can help families save money

INMED South Africa is a registered non-profit organization (NPC/PBO) recognized by the Department of Social Development and the South African Revenue Service (SARS). For more information, visit: