Social & Economic Development

Youth and Women Empowerment

INMED South Africa leverages its programmes to provide opportunities to help youth, women and individuals with disabilities develop marketable skills and achieve economic and social self-sufficiency.


We provide training and assistance on how to establish and maintain a commercial aquaponics system, as well as how to identify and sell to lucrative markets for their produce and value-added products.


Our Health in Action Break Time Buddies programme provides training and jobs for unemployed youth, who have graduated high school.


Break Time Buddies lead fun participatory education and activities on nutrition, physical activity and healthy lifestyles during daily recess time at more than 100 schools. Click here to read one of our success stories.

Enterprise Development and Inclusion

INMED’s programmes all focus socio-economic and enterprise development principles that address high levels of unemployment, poverty, inequality and skills shortage.


Our programmes have been highly effective at equipping youth, women, disadvantaged farmers and individuals with disabilities with the knowledge and technologies required to grow thriving agricultural enterprises that are resilient to climate change. Click here to read how we’re empowering women in Northern Cape.


Our 3-pillar model of technical training, access to affordable financing and links to markets enables emerging entrepreneurs of varying abilities to launch sustainable agribusinesses. Click here to read more about our projects for disabled farmers in Free State.