Where We Work

The map shows our office locations in South Africa

INMED Partnership for Children Offices

Since 1986, our founding organization, INMED Partnerships for Children (based in the USA), has built alliances with public- and private-sector partners in more than 100 countries to create pathways for disadvantaged children and families to achieve well-being and self-reliance, and to equip them to shape a brighter future for themselves and the next generation.


Today, INMED Partnerships for Children,  is focusing its efforts on children and their families in Brazil, Jamaica, Peru, South Africa, and the United States.



INMED started work in Brazil with our flagship Healthy Children, Healthy Futures program, and established INMED Brasil, a fully registered Brazilian NGO, in 1995. Read more about INMED Brasil…



The effects of global climate change have been particularly devastating to Caribbean nations. To address these challenges, INMED Partnerships for Children established INMED Caribbean, which was officially incorporated as an NGO in Jamaica in 2010. Read more about INMED Caribbean.



INMED began its work in Peru in the 1980s, working with a Sister Cities project to deliver critical treatment for tuberculosis in the Andes mountains. Read more about INMED Andes.


United States

Since 1994, INMED Partnerships for Children’s Loudoun County programs has been creating pathways for disadvantaged children and their families to achieve success and self-reliance. Read more about INMED Partnerships for Children…